Mark Doman

Tel.: 01761 239006 ~ Email:

Piano Tuner & Technician
  1. Key cleaning
  2. Replaced tapes, leathers and felts
  3. Action out ready to start stripping
  1. Soundboard cleaning
  2. Removing the strings
  3. Masking tape miracle
Mark, as a fully qualified and experienced technician is also able to offer a full resoration service. 
Restoration work can include:
  • Replacing the original wrestplank that holds the tuing pins
  • Reguilding the frame, replacing all the strings,
  • Reconditioning or in some cases replacing the action,
  • Drying, repairing and refinishing the soundboard  
  • Case repolishing
The piano is then finely regulated and has many tunings to stabilise it. Once the piano has been returned you wil receive three service calls in the first year to help the piano settle down.