Mark Doman

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Piano Tuner & Technician
 Mark's history...
Mark has been tuning and repairing pianos since 2002 when he left university. He now has a well established customer base, from concert venues to the next door neighbour, we try and offer the same service no matter what the piano.
Trusted by major piano retailers and restorers up and down the country, Mark has skills and experience needed to bring your piano back to life .
Mark trained at the London Guildhall University, studying in depth the many aspects of musical instrument technology but choosing to specialise in the piano.
Having finished top of the class he was able to choose where he worked and set out on a journey to gain experience and further knowledge in different aspects of piano building.
He has since worked with some of the best technicians in the world, having been to Germany and Japan to study one of the largest piano factories, as well as working with Kemble pianos, which was the last surviving British piano manufacturer.
Over the years of working with pianos he has also been fortunate to work alongside professional musicians, in educational establishments, a wide range of service centres and in retail outlets. Who better to service, tune and maintain your instrument.
Mark, along with his wife Rebecca runs a highly succesful piano sales and restoration business; Abbey Piano Services Ltd. 
Between the two companies Mark and Rebecca have all your piano needs covered, so why go anywhere else.